Trend Scalper

The trend scalper mode can be used with the signals as an added confirmation. Once turned on, trend scalper mode will show you red and green ribbons directly inside the chart. These will illustrate the short term trend swings inside the market.

As you can see in the image above, the lines will overlap and move with the short term trend of the market. You can easily combine them with the signals to make a strategy. You will then only take signals that correspond with the trend scalper mode. The first sell signal painted with a bearish trend. This would have been a good signal to take. The buy signal painted with a bullish cloud, moved sideways, then rallied. This would have been an excellent trade to enter. The last sell signal also would have been excellent.

Here is another example below of which signals you should trade and which signals to avoid.

The 1st buy signal with the red circle around it was a false signal that painted on a reversal movement. You can see that the trend scalper mode remained bearish even though the chart was moving in a small bullish movement. This indicated that you should avoid this trade. With the trend scalper strategy, you were easily able to detect and avoid it and take the 4 profitable signals with the green circles around them.

Click the timestamped video below to see a visual explanation of the Trend Scalper mode:

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