The EliteAlgo Dashboard is the first tool you will find when you open the settings. It's at the very top of the settings page

To turn on the Dashboard, make sure you have the checkmark toggled on beside (Enable Dashboard). The dashboard is integral to a traders strategy. Every single datapoint on it will be explained below, including a video explanation at the very bottom.

Optimal Sensitivity The algo will scan every chart you load. Once complete, it will post the optimal sensitivity that it finds on each chart, and each timeframe. In the example above, the optimal sensitivity is 1.6. This detection tool ensures you are trading on the best sensitivity for that chart, saving you time, and setting you up for success.

Current Strategy This will display the current strategy you are using. In this example, it is currently set to Normal.

Current Sensitivity This will display the sensitivity that you currently have the algo set on. In this example, it is currently set to 2.6/

Current Position This will display the last signal that EliteAlgo painted. In the example above, the last signal painted was a sell signal.

Current Trend This will display the current trend of the timeframe we are on. In the example above, the current trend displaying is Bullish because we sourced this chart on the 1 hour timeframe. In the example below, it changed to bearish because we sourced this on the 5m chart which was showing a bearish trend.

Trend Strength This will display the strength of the current trend. In the example below, you can see that the trend strength is 0%. This indicates that the bullish trend is at its weakest and will likely be switching to a bearish trend.

Volatility This will display the volatility of the market. You will see "Ranging" or "Trending". A ranging market is a market experiencing sideways movement. It is generally recommended to avoid trading while the market is moving sideways. A trending market on the other hand is the optimal setting to be trading in, as it indicates the market is moving in a bullish or bearish direction.

Momentum This will display the momentum in the market. In the example above we are experiencing bearish momentum. This means that the strength of the general chart is bearish.

Timeframe Trends The dashboard will update once per hour if you are on the 1 hour timeframe. On the other hand, it will update once per minute if you are on the 1 minute timeframe. This is a Tradingview limitation.

This section will show the trends across all the timeframes. Due to constant buying and selling, the smaller timeframes will experience much higher volatility compared to the larger timeframes due to the rapid movement in price. For this reason, the trends will not always line up and this is perfectly normal, as you can see above. You will use this section to see the trends across the timeframes when you are ready to open a trade, and are completing your TA and looking for confluences. It will save you lots of time compared to jumping between charts to find this data. Advanced vs. Simple The two options are Advanced or Simple. The difference is that simple will show you less data points, compared to the Advanced mode. This is primarily used when you are cycling through charts and want to boost your loading time.

Location The location option is simply to move the dashboard around. Some people prefer to have it in different corners of the chart. Feel free to use this cosmetic function.

Size The size of the dashboard can be adjusted here. If you want have trouble reading it, you can make it larger.

Click the timestamped video below to see a visual explanation of the EliteAlgo Dashboard:

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